The omnipotence and omniscience of God is seen in the fact that He is able to predict future events before they come to pass.


This is the basis of the argument that Jehovah has with the pagan nations and with the idol worship with which they were involved.  The Lord of the universe addresses Himself to the nations around the Mediterranean and calls them to the place of judgment.  As seen in verse 2, coupled with Isaiah 44:28, God through Isaiah is revealing the reign of Cyrus.  This verse is the basis of liberal critics against Isaiah’s writings because he mentions historical personalities by name before they were born or had come to power.  This, however, becomes a proof text of God’s omnipotence and omniscience because what He declares, He brings to pass.  God used Cyrus in verses 2 and 3 to defeat injustice and to rescue His people.  In verse 4, the Lord is the one who is directing all of this activity.  In the final analysis it is God who presides over the destinies of nations, not idols.  As we view the fear of those living in the Nations of the coastlands, they seek help from “a God” who must be fastened down with nails that he should not fall.  Let us never forget that God is on His throne and is in control of the leaders and nations of this world.  This can be a source of peace in the mind of the child of God who believes and accepts God’s overall control.


As verse 8 opens, Jehovah returns to Israel and speaks with compassion and affection to His people.  Abraham, who believed God and “it counted to him for righteousness,” Gen. 15:16, was called the friend of God.  By faith when we trust Christ as Savior, we enter into this same relationship with God and can enjoy the promises of Isaiah 41:10.  This verse has been a source of strength and comfort to God’s children of all ages.  “Fear not” has always been and still is the message of God to those who love Him and trust Him with their eternal souls.  Paul, in II Timothy 1:7, points out that “God hath not given to us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”  God wants us to walk with Him and have fellowship with Him; and as we do, a real confidence will gain control in our lives.  God delights to open His heart and mind to His friends.  This is the object of prophetic Scriptures as we, His children, enter into and come to understand what He is about to do.  The, “sharp edged threshing teeth or sledge of verse 15 points forward to the spiritual triumph of redeemed Israel in the future over all enemies.  We can draw a lesson from this that preaching needs, “teeth,” or it is powerless with the saved and unsaved sitting and listening with no life changes. 


In Isaiah 41:21-29 God challenges the idols of the nation to prove they were gods.  Did any of their predictions come true?  The idols not only did not make predictions, “But were not even able to speak,” Isaiah 41:28.  In stark contrast to the pagan idols who could not speak or foretell, God sent a messenger who predicted the deliverance of His people from Babylonian exile in Isaiah 40:27.  Isaiah covers this in chapter 13 and as well as in Isaiah 11:10-16, 21”1-10 and 35:10.


This was all written over 100 years before it came to pass, no wonder Bible critics say Isaiah could not have penned these events.  Let every child of God remember 25% of the Bible was prophecy when written and to say it cannot be understood is a lie of Satan.  No wonder the great prophecy of Christ’s return in I Thessalonians 4:13-18 ends with, “comfort one another with these words.”